7 steps towards the labyrinth

fast as you can | fiona apple (when the pawn…)
distractions | zero 7 (simple things)
cuts you up | peter muprhy (deep)
pallas athena | david bowie (black tie white noise)
dark angel | laurie anderson (life on a string)
fruit tree | nick drake (*)
resolve | beth gibbons & rustin man (out of season)
daybreak | lisa ekdahl (heaven, earth and beyond)
my ship | cassandra wilson (rendez-vous)
bem devagar | caetano veloso (prenda minha)
into the night | julee cruise (twin peaks o.s.t.)
our secret garden | peter murphy (holy smoke)
do not go quietly unto your grave | morphine (good)
people are strange | the doors (strange days)
pink room | (twin peaks o.s.t.)
silent hedges | bauhaus (crackle)
bonfire | lamb (fear of fours)
lover, you should’ve come over | jeff buckley (grace)
brockwell park | red house painters (ocean beach)
the end of words| dead can dance (aion)